Grid Stabilization (PGS) module

PGS module is a scalable and rapidly deployable energy storage system. PGS integrate solar or other renewable energy to provide short-term power when renewable energy is not available, or to provide virtual thermal backup to optimize generator unit efficiency. The system provides temporary backup power to the facility in the event of a power outage.
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application >>

The transient auxiliary

Module type >>

Grid stability

l Preassembled design for easy transportation and installation

l IP54 Protection level, adapted to harsh outdoor environments

l Integrating converter and boost transformer, the system has high efficiency and low cost

l Friendly grid adaptation, accepts grid scheduling, and performs active and reactive power compensation

Reliable and scalable >>

l They're factory pre-packaged and tested

l Prefabricated containers can be transported as a unit and are equipped with storage batteries, inverters, isolation transformers, and other equipment.

l Support for parallel - Multiple modules can be used in parallel to increase the total output power to 100+MW.

Reproducible integration >>

l can be used with a variety of renewable systems, including solar and wind power

l Seamlessly integrates to maximize renewable energy penetration and total asset control

Instant auxiliary >>

l When used in conjunction with a generator set, a PGS provides backup power capacity so that:

l Reduces transient voltage and frequency degradation caused by heavy load applications.

l enables efficient thin gas burning gas generators to operate in island mode.

Grid stability >>

Prevents many common electrical problems, including power failures, voltage drops/surges, and undervoltage/overvoltage conditions.

Applicable standards and certifications >>

Approved by UL, meeting the following standards (certification and mark to be determined) :

l UL 9540

l UL 1741 SB

l CSA C22.2 Number 107.1/16

l CULus logo

l Statement (to be determined) :

l CE Conformance Statement

l IEC60204-1

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