Bidirectional inverter equipment-Distributed product

It is a high performance inverter that can reliably control energy storage systems (ESS). The integrated control unit provides complete control of ESS charge and discharge.
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application >>

Energy storage system

Module type >>

An integral part of the grid stability and energy time-shift module

l 1000-3150kW Power level

l Three-level technology, maximum efficiency 99.04%, Chinese efficiency 98.52% group, cascade MPPT tracking, reduce cluster mismatch loss, and increase power generation

l P-V curve scan of a string to accurately locate a string fault

l ADAPTS to various harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, wind, sand, salt spray and so on, reserving an energy storage interface on the DC side, realizing the integration of optical storage

l Comprehensive grid support functions (high/zero voltage traversal, active/reactive power scheduling, etc.)

l High protection level, high temperature without derating, adapt to high temperature, high humidity, wind, sand, salt spray and other complex environments

l is used for multi-scenario photovoltaic power plants such as large ground, mountain, and water surfaces.

Greater efficiency >>

Peak efficiency of 98% (except isolation transformer)

Energy storage management >>

l l Charge and discharge an energy storage device using built-in controls.

l l Static reactive compensator.

l l quadquadrant output power factor control.

l l Shunt ready plug and play in parallel with other power supplies.

The grid support >>

l l Grid auxiliary services (voltage/power factor, frequency support)

l l Multi-mode operations

l l Supporting the power grid

l l Grid fixed

l with the net

l Seamless mode transformation

l island detection

l Autonomous mode or remote control mode

High performance inverter >>

l The patented nonlinear voltage drop feature enables tight control of frequency and voltage to achieve high power quality under high transient loads.

l Overload capacity increases by 1.5 times.

l Two faulty current capacities per unit

Fuel consumption >>

l An integrated control for a power generation system that minimizes fuel consumption and emissions by:

l enables efficient rareburning gas generators to operate in island mode

l Allows one or more generator sets to be shut down to save fuel.

Applicable and certification standards >>

Approved by UL, meeting the following standards (certification and mark to be determined) :

l UL 1741 SB

l IEEE1547-2018

l IEEE1547.1-2020

l UL1998

l CSA C22.2 number 107.1/16

l cULus logo

l Compliance (to be determined) :

l IEC62477-1

l IEC62909

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