Saonon Trailer Type Genset
Saonon Trailer Type Genset
Saonon Trailer Type Genset

Trailer Type Genset

Trailer Type Genset
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  • Saonon Trailer Type Genset
  • Saonon Trailer Type Genset
  • Saonon Trailer Type Genset
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Traffic Safety

● Standardized with gears andsupporting legs for parking safety;

● Equipped with guide wheelsand traction chain for driving safety;

● Optional selection of drumbrake, disc brake and hydraulic brake for brake safety;

● Optional equipped withwarning lights, turn signals and reflective stickers for passive safety;

● The orderly primacy isbeneficial to driving and docking.

Shock Absorption System  

● Vibration isolators arefitted between the engine, alternator and base frame, which can effectivelyreduce vibration and ensure stable running;

● The high-quality base framematerial can improve the vibration reduction effect.

Easy Mobility

● Trailer chassis is equippedwith drag, pull and other functional parts for easier use, and it satisfies therequirements of mining, road engineering and other industries operatingenvironments;

● Consistent with the sizedesign of the economic gensets for reducing the transportation cost;

● There are folding trailersand adjusting turning radius;

● The double hanger structurecan make sure the lifting center of gravity without affecting the space foroperation and maintenance.


● The canopy is designedaccording to the fluidics that its weight is lighter and is more sound proof;

● Artificial intelligentcontrol for more accurate and sensitiveness;

● Digital image displayfunction for easy understanding and reading;

● The layout is designedaccording with ergonomic for easy viewing and operation;

● The branded accessories andspare parts can be available for various products;

● The consumables meet therequirements of general standards that are easy to be purchased.

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