Saonon 5kW Diesel Genset

5kW Diesel Genset

Diesel Genset
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Easy Maintenance

SDE6500FE dieselgenset equipped with external air filter, open-type lubricating oil filling,discharge port and no shelter make it more convenient to maintenance anddemolition. Detachable panel make it could be inspected and repaired withoutoverall demolition. Smaller volume and simple structure of pump makes easymaintenance.

Firm and Reliable

SDE6500FE dieselgenset employs 32mm rack diameter and double-damping structure to make thegenset have a lower vibration, a more stable running and a longer life. The useof solenoid valve control oil pump circuit makes the operation more reliable.

Easy to Operate

SDE6500FE dieselgenset is more convenient to start

1、   Turn on the fuelcock 2、 Turn on the ignition switchand start instantly. As the use of inlet heating plug to heat the intake air,it’s no longer difficult to start low-temperature environment. Digital displaythe current voltage, frequency and service time.

Powerful Engine  

SDE6500FE diesel genset employs new LCD188FD dieselengine which possess a number of patents, its displacement and power are betterthan similar products; new camshaft automatic decompression mechanism make thestart more smoothly; new design of the cylinder head built-in exhaust gasrecirculation structure make the engine emissions of NOX content better 40%than the Chinese national standard; gear rotation of the balance axis systemcontrols the engine's low vibration and noise effectively; new design coolingair duct and valve oblique arrangement cooling the cylinder head evenly andoperate stably; piston skirt surface coating of molybdenum sulfide lubricatingmaterial reduce the friction between the piston and cylinder, reduce noise andenhance power.

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