Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai
Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai
Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai

Powered by Yuchai

Standard Genset
Powered by renowned Yuchai engine; Optional choose alternator, such as Mister, Stamford, LeroySomer, etc; Equipped with world advanced control panel;
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  • Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai
  • Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai
  • Saonon Silent Type Genset Powered by Yuchai
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  • 50HZ

Power Range


Stable Structure

With CAE analysis technology, the genset is designedmore stable.

PI Design  

The latest industrial design technology brings a perfect fusion ofappearance and performance.

Intelligent Control  

The integratedcontroller can provide multiple functions such as remote control, alarm, datamonitoring and protection.

Advanced Waterproof, Dustproof, SandProof and Rodent Proof Design

Each controlpanel, each access doors and resident vertical plate of gensets adopts thewaterproof, dustproof, sand proof and rodent proof design to avoid the rain,dust and small animals.

Convenient Refueling and WateringDevices

● External oil filler;

● Oil discharge outlet is setat the base frame;

● Water filler is set on thetop of canopy.

Easy for Transport

● With forklift hole set atthe base frame of the genset under 500kVA, it is easy to use forklift;

● With equilibrium liftinglugs on the top of the canopy, it is convenient to load or unload.

Easy for Maintenance

● The daily maintenance workcan be performed from both sides of the genset, and wide maintenance doorsallow easy access to all areas of the genset;

● Canopy of the gensets above62.5kVA can be equipped with ladder, and it is convenient to conduct liftingand inspection of the genset;

● Base frame and canopy canbe replaced and dismantled;

● Standardized and integratedwiring and fuel inlet and outlet hoses are easy to be replaced.

Excellent Spraying and WeldingTechnology

● Adopt high-quality panelsand spray thick materials, as well as three coats of spray technology includesbottom, middle and surface, it has strong performances of corrosion resistance,scratch resistance, rust resistance.

Application Scope

It is suitable for environment with high requirementfor noise reduction, such as residential area, high-end office buildings,hotels, scientific research institutes, hospitals, universities and colleges,etc.

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