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PV-Storage-Charging Solutions
System Introduction
An integrated PV-storage-charging solution balances local energy generation and load through energy storage and allocation optimization. It profits from PV power generation and charging operations, while achieving efficient, stable, and safe charging.
WANON as a one-stop solution provider of PV-storage-charging stations, provides customers with whole-lifecycle services from the calculation of station scale and return on investment (ROI) and the investment and construction of stations to delivery and operations and maintenance (O&P).
  • Flexibility
    The solutions and services related to PV power generation, power storage, and the construction of charging stations can be offered separately.
  • One-stop Services
    One-stop and comprehensive services are provided, covering the whole lifecycle of a PV-storage-charging station.
  • Customized Solutions
    Suitable investment schemes and cooperation models are available, according to the actual conditions of the project and the customer.
  • Supporting Hardware and Software
    The comprehensive management system (CMS), independently developed by Wanon, can also be used to offer value-added services.
Application Scenario
Urban charging stations
Convenient charging services
l Alleviate urban traffic pollution and environmental pressure
l Suitable for private and commercial vehicles
Highway Service Areas
Fast charging services
l Meet the charging needs of long-distance travel
l Suitable for tour and long-distance coaches
Industrial parks
Reliable charging services
l Promote clean energy, energy conservation, and emission reduction
l Suitable for shuttle buses and logistics vehicles

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