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Off-grid Micro-grid Solutions
System Introduction
An off-grid micro-grid is a power supply mode that can be built and operated independently, without an external grid. It can ensure the balance and stability of power generation and supply.

An off-grid micro-grid converts renewable energy (e.g., solar energy and wind energy) into electricity. When renewable energy is abundant, not only the converted electricity can be directly supplied to the load, but also the surplus electricity can be stored with energy storage devices. When renewable energy is insufficient, the stored electricity can be used for power supply. The use of renewable energy can be maximized to reduce the use of fossil energy.
  • Local construction
    In areas without electricity, due to the high cost to establish a power grid, such areas often suffer from no electricity or unstable power supply. A micro-grid can effectively solve the problem. Meanwhile, in areas such as islands and mountainous areas, with abundant wind and light resources, micro-grids can provide reliable power and significantly reduce the cost of electricity.
  • High integration and easy installation
    An off-grid system is highly integrated with relatively small investment, which can be completed within a month from installation to use.
  • Unattended operation and simple maintenance
    The micro-grid system can be autonomous and self-managed, without special duty, and the components of wind turbines and PVs are not easy to damage and easy to maintain.
Application Scenario
The off-grid micro-grid is widely used in remote mountainous areas, areas in shortage of electricity, islands, communication stations, and street lights.

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