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On-grid Micro-grid Solutions
System Introduction
A grid-connected micro-grid is a mode that interconnects with the external grid and exchanges electricity. When the external grid fails, the micro-grid can quickly switch to the off-grid mode to ensure the stability of power supply.

The grid-connected micro-grid can convert DC current produced by wind turbines and PVs into AC current with the same voltage amplitude, frequency, and phase as those of the main grid, and interconnect with the main grid. The flexibility of this power generation system lies in that when renewable energy is abundant, the micro-grid system supplies power to the AC load while sending surplus electricity to the main grid to obtain profits. When renewable energy is insufficient, electricity can be obtained from the main grid to power the load.
  • Low cost and reliable power supply
    A micro-grid is connected to the main grid, and when its power generation is insufficient, it can obtain power from the main grid, so the system does not need to be equipped with energy storage devices, which can reduce the system cost and ensure the reliability of power supply.
  • Environmental protection
    The use of renewable energy to generate electricity neither consumes carbon fossil resources, nor generates greenhouse gases or pollutants.
  • Reduce the pressure of the main grid and maintaining the stability of the main grid
    A micro-grid system distributed in multiple outlets can provide local users with electricity and share part of the burden of electricity supply, thus regulating the peak load of the main grid and relieving the transmission and distribution burden of the main grid.
  • Electricity independence
    Regardless of the battery charge status, an on-grid micro-grid system requires no energy storage devices and supplies power to and obtains power from the main grid anytime.
Application Scenario
On-Grid micro-grid systems are widely applied in all kinds of buildings, urban communities, or places with abundant renewable energy, such as deserts and coastal areas.

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