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Wanon’s Micro-grid System debuted at the 133rd Canton Fair
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The 133rd China Import and Export Fair, "the largest in history," opened on April 15. The exhibition area reached 1.5 million square meters, with 34,000 exhibitors, both record highs.

In this Canton Fair, Wanon debuted the Micro-grid System with its own brand control system(CMS), and for the first time in the industry to bring machines to the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, many home and abroad manufacturers were attracted to watch and understand the product performance in detail. Many customers have begun to negotiate with us for cooperation. Among them, many customers have had in-depth exchanges on technical solutions and cooperation mode of micro-grid projects.

In the field of micro-grid technology, our micro-grids can provide more cost-effective power sources for on-grid and off-grid areas as well as commercial or industrial facilities. By combining PV modules and energy storage solutions with the grid or generator units, we can customize energy systems based on clients’ needs. Micro-grid is mainly composed of main control systems, bi-directional inverters, power grid stabilization modules, peak load regulation and expansion modules, PV modules, etc. Through energy integration, energy flow can be optimized to provide energy at the lowest total cost. In addition, off-grid and on-grid can be seamlessly switched within 30ms. With the overload capacity of 1.5 times the rated one, the system supports the following operation modes: on-grid, off-grid and isolated, and can achieve high quality power output under high transient load by regulating the frequency and the voltage.

We always adhere to the development concept of "smart energy, green energy", and aim to build an international famous brand in the field of commercial energy storage and micro-grid. Keeping pace with the times and making constant innovation, we are dedicated to providing clients with reliable power solutions and the world with low-cost green electricity.

Facing the rapid development of the micro-grid system, as well as trillions of market space at home and abroad, we will continue to deepen our technological leadership in the field of PV + ESS + Diesel Genset. By relying on our channels and user resources and through in-depth cooperation with the supply chain, we will achieve a perfect transition from traditional energy to commercial energy storage.

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