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Due to the impact of the pandemic, the 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was scheduled to be held online from June 15 to 24. "Canton Fair, Global Share". The spotlight of this Canton Fair is online exhibition. The "Online Canton Fair" will promote 25,000 exhibitors to offer online exhibition, which consists of three parts: Online exhibition and connection platform, cross-border e-commerce zone and live streaming marketing. It enables enterprises to provide 10*24-hour online live streaming and promote their products. With the Online Canton Fair approaching, Saonon is making full preparations for it.

Fully prepare for the Canton Fair

Foreign trade plus digital means

In fact, Saonon has accumulated rich experience in digital marketing. From April 15 to 19, 2020, Saonon held the "cloud exhibition" digital marketing on Alibaba international trade site for the first time. By that means, Saonon transferred its selling channels online rapidly and minimized the negative impact on orders from the pandemic. We hope to combine previous practice experience with the novel exhibition model of this Canton Fair, and further explore the new digital possibility of "Going Global".

Online promotion by SAONON

This product promotion centers on the concept of "Digital & Intelligent Development", covering 35 products: Cloud-controlled genset, ultra-silent smart genset, communications genset, biomass genset, comprehensive energy management system, etc. Through online promotion, Wanon conveys messages to consumers and interact with them more rapidly. It also provides customers who fail to visit China due to the pandemic with opportunities to know about new products and new trends of Wanon, which creates more business opportunities.

Hit it big via online live streaming

In addition to decorating the exhibition hall into a room for live streaming, Saononpurchased many specialized live streaming instruments and conducted relevant training as well as several rehearsals, so as to actively respond to the exhibition form of "Online Canton Fair". By continuously summarizing experience, we are making full preparations for the Online Canton Fair.

Since purchasers at the Canton Fair are B-end corporate customers rather than ordinary end consumers, Wanon specially formed a live streaming team consisting of members who are familiar with products and trades and have knowledge of several languages. The professional streaming team is also supported by assistants and technical personnel. Wanon will perform the live streaming jointly with international brands such as Cummins, Stamford and Leroy-somer.


Live streaming team

This online trading fair for the Chinese foreign trade industry updates our concepts, challenges the traditional model and offers a variety of possible opportunities. Amid this transformation with fierce competition and precious opportunities, the goddess of opportunity always favors those who are prepared. By actively applying new technical methods,Wanon conducts in-depth "online + offline" integration, develops a new model of all-round digital marketing, further taps into the extensive market of electrical power, and speeds up to develop itself into a "world-class brand & international enterprise".


SAONON Online Promotion

Display intelligent power products to global users

Coming soon!

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