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POWER-GEN International-WANON
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POWER- GEN  International is a globally influential, comprehensive trade show that brings together  products, services and solutions in industrial electricity, wire and cable, power systems, power communications, smart meters, electrical accessories, and other areas.


At this year's event, WANON exhibited the latest models of silent type generator sets, showcasing our design and technological power to global consumers.

Structural design

Using FEA and multi-objective optimization technology, the optimal design of the box and chassis structure is carried out. At the same time, well-distributed suspension points, vibration absorber with the best stiffness, as well as the most optimized bracket enable the best vibration reducing performance and avert the risk of resonance vibration, making the gensets out-perform national standards of China in vibration reducing performance.

Noise reduction design

The noise reduction design is proposed based on sound source localization study, and a systemic sound source localization test is performed on the genset using state-of-the-art vibration and noise test systems to analyze distributions of source contribution. Following a simulation-driven NVH and CFD design, balancing heat and noise, the casing, silencer, muffler, sound-absorbing material and other structures of the genset are specially designed to control the noise below 65dba.

Exhaust system design

DPF + SCR exhaust gas recycling and treatment technology is adopted to effectively reduce pollutant emission.

SAONON generator sets /

※ Area of application

The new silent type gensets powered by innovative technology greatly reduce noises to enable quiet operation, and thus having no impact on daily activities.

◆ The new gensets are applicable to night work, upscale residential areas, offices and other environments which are sensitive to noise.

※ Brand Information

At the event, WANON showcased our strength in products and offerings to businessman in different fields around the world, and conducted in-depth  communication  with  attendees  on industrial development and technology innovation. Many attendees were impressed by WANON and commended our power in research and development, design and innovation.

WANON always values enhancement in innovative and design capacity, and we relentlessly develop high-value products and offerings that heighten our core competence and create value for our customers. WANON will never cease our exploration and innovation. We will continue improving our development technology and design capacity to create more quality generator-set products that go beyond everyone's expectation.

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