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the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) -- “Wisdom Creation in China”
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On October 15th, the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an old friend of Canton Fair, Saonon Corporation arrived at Hall 3.1 No. H37-39.I08-I10 in the venue as scheduled  and  displayed  the  charm  of  “Wisdom Creation in China” among the vast number  of Chinese and foreign  traveling traders.

1MW Ultra-silence Project Power Station
1.Special cabinet structure design, filled with special sound insulation material within the cabinet,built-in positive pressure air-exhausting  duct,  the  overall  average  noise  of  the  cabinet  can be controlled within 65dBA.

2.Energy saving, low consumption, intelligent temperature-controlled radiator:
Compared with the traditional engine-driven  radiator,  the  mechanical  power  can  be  reduced  by  75%. Through intelligent computer setting, the radiator fan can be set to accurately control its speed according to the water temperature of the engine, thus the result of energy saving and low consumption can be obtained, which can maximize the performance of the unit and save a lot of diesel energy consumption.

3.The cabinet uses professionally prepared wall materials specific to different acoustic spectrum and acoustic pressure bands after comprehensive analysis of CAE/NVH/CFD software, and is made of high-quality sound-absorbing  cotton,  special  damping  vibration  attenuation  and  sound  insulation  paint, fixed sound insulation and vibration damping pad, metal damping sound barrier.

4.The disconnect- type     engine  intake  system  is  more  convenient  for  daily  maintenance  and  can reduce the impact of the temperature rise of the power compartment on the inlet temperature of the filter.

5.Automatic lubricating oil supply system with large capacity is conducive to the long-term continuous operation of the unit.

6. Built-in large-  capacity  base  oil tank has  both electronic  & mechanical  display liquid  level and  liquid level alarm function.

7. Highstrength unit base, in conjunction with the top of the oil tank designed with patterned steel plate, improves the safety of field operation of maintenance personnel and avoids sliding and falling.

Applications: hospital, data center, high-grade living area, large shopping mall and other places.

S22JSPS Extra-Long Maintenance-Free Generator Unit
SAONON Cloud Platform System independently researched and developed by Saonon realizes online management, big data analysis and after-sales maintenance  plans and tried  to present more  intelligent and hi-tech products for many clients.

The data collector (cloud modem) is connected to the controller through many ports such as RS232, RS485, USB, LINk, CAN and so on. All kinds of different operation parameters in the generator units on the data controller can be transmitted to the unified cloud platform through 2G/3G/4G, wired network, wireless WiFi, optical fiber and other ways.

At the exhibition, staff members in our Company displayed the functions of the cloud platform to clients through PAD. Besides, remote monitoring, failure warning, maintenance reminders and other functions are realized through other mobile devices such as PC and big screen.

Applications: it is applied in machine rooms, power stations and so on unattended for a long time.

Integrated Energy Management System

1.Managing, measuring and collecting data from the entire energy system.

2. Monitoring and displaying the status of each equipment.

3. Offering inquiry function for searching information and historical data of each unit.

4. Integrated automatic refueling system, which can monitor the oil quantity of tank of each unit in real-time.

5.Monitoring and displaying the operating parameters of each unit, the alarm and fault conditions of the power distribution system.

6.Opening external communication interface can realize the compatibility of cloud system, SCADA system and mobile ring monitoring system.

Distributed Energy Sources

Distributed energy sources mean a supply method of modern energy sources to realize gradient utilization of energy sources through methods such as combined supply of cooling, heating and power with the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of above 70% and to realize energy supply near the load center.

To win clients’ recognition with high-quality products is the Company’s  persistent pursuit and the  starting  point and the foothold of Saonon’s  development strategy. Behind wisdom products are the  construction and continuous investment of enterprise science and technology innovation system. Saonon Corporation has always kept relatively high investment level of research and development, constantly broken through technical bottlenecks and realized product upgrading.

In recent years, along with the national strategy of “the Belt and Road”, Saonon has positively laid out overseas market, drove Wisdom Creation in China to go global and put forth effort to promote the global influence of Wisdom Creation in China through overseas channels and service construction.

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