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10月15日,第126届中国进出口商品交易会(广交会)在广州琶洲国际会展中心举行 。sa36沙龙国际公司作为广交会的“老朋友”,如期来到现场3.1馆NO.H37-39.I08-I10,向宽大中外客商展示“中国智造”的魅力 。

On October 15th, the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an old friend of Canton Fair, Saonon Corporation arrived at Hall 3.1 No. H37-39.I08-I10 in the venue as scheduled and displayed the charm of “Wisdom Creation in China” among the vast number of Chinese and foreign traveling traders.

1MW Ultra-silence Project Power Station
1. 特殊箱体结构设计,箱体内部填充特殊隔音质料,内置正压排风风道,箱体整体平均噪音可控制在65dBA以内 。
1.Special cabinet structure design, filled with special sound insulation material within the cabinet, built-in positive pressure air-exhausting duct, the overall average noise of the cabinet can be controlled within 65dBA.

2.Energy saving, low consumption, intelligent temperature-controlled radiator:
相比古板的发动机驱动散热器,机械功率可减少75%,通过电脑智能设置对散热器风机设置,能精准的凭据发动机水温,控制散热器风机速度,从而获得了节能低耗的效果,能最大限度发挥机组的性能,大宗的节省柴油能源消耗 。
Compared with the traditional engine-driven radiator, the mechanical power can be reduced by 75%. Through intelligent computer setting, the radiator fan can be set to accurately control its speed according to the water temperature of the engine, thus the result of energy saving and low consumption can be obtained, which can maximize the performance of the unit and save a lot of diesel energy consumption.

3.箱体经CAE/NVH/CFD软件综合剖析,针对差别声谱,和声压段,专业配制而成的墙体质料,接纳机组优质吸音棉,特殊阻尼减振隔声漆,定隔声减振阻尼垫,金属阻尼隔声板组合而成 。
3.The cabinet uses professionally prepared wall materials specific to different acoustic spectrum and acoustic pressure bands after comprehensive analysis of CAE/NVH/CFD software, and is made of high-quality sound-absorbing cotton, special damping vibration attenuation and sound insulation paint, fixed sound insulation and vibration damping pad, metal damping sound barrier.

4. 疏散式发动机进气系统,更有利于便当日常的检修维护,能减少动力仓箱体温升对过滤器进气温度的影响 。
4. The disconnect-type engine intake system is more convenient for daily maintenance and can reduce the impact of the temperature rise of the power compartment on the inlet temperature of the filter.

5.大容量的自动润滑油补给系统,有利于机组的恒久连续运行使用 。
5. Automatic lubricating oil supply system with large capacity is conducive to the long-term continuous operation of the unit.

6. 内置大容量底座油箱,带有电子及机械显示液位,带液位报警功效 。
6. Built-in large-capacity base oil tank has both electronic & mechanical display liquid level and liquid level alarm function.

7. 高强度机组底座,油箱顶部接纳花纹钢板设计,提高了维护人员现场操作的宁静性,制止滑倒摔伤 。

7. High-strength unit base, in conjunction with the top of the oil tank designed with patterned steel plate, improves the safety of field operation of maintenance personnel and avoids sliding and falling.

应用:医院、数据中心、高等生活区、大型商场等场合 。
Applications: hospital, data center, high-grade living area, large shopping mall and other places.

二、S22JSPS 超长免维护发电机组
S22JSPS Extra-Long Maintenance-Free Generator Unit
      sa36沙龙国际自主研发SAONON云平台系统,实现了产品的线上治理、大数据剖析和售后维保计划,务求为宽大客户泛起更具有智能化、高科技的产品 。
SAONON Cloud Platform System independently researched and developed by Saonon realizes online management, big data analysis and after-sales maintenance plans and tried to present more intelligent and hi-tech products for many clients.

      数据收罗器(云猫)通过RS232、RS485、USB、LINK、CAN等多种接口连接到控制器上,收罗控制器上的发电机组种种差别的运行参数,并通过2G/3G/4G,有线网络、无线WIFi、光纤等方法传送到云端统一平台 。

The data collector (cloud modem) is connected to the controller through many ports such as RS232, RS485, USB, LINk, CAN and so on. All kinds of different operation parameters in the generator units on the data controller can be transmitted to the unified cloud platform through 2G/3G/4G, wired network, wireless WiFi, optical fiber and other ways.

       在展会上,事情人员通过PAD给客户展现云平台的功效 。除此之外,还能通过其他移动设备,如PC、大屏,实现远程监控、故障报警、维护提醒等功效 。

At the exhibition, staff members in our Company displayed the functions of the cloud platform to clients through PAD. Besides, remote monitoring, failure warning, maintenance reminders and other functions are realized through other mobile devices such as PC and big screen.

应用:适用于恒久无人值守的机房、电站等 。

Applications: it is applied in machine rooms, power stations and so on unattended for a long time.

Integrated Energy Management System
1.实现对整个能源系统的治理、丈量及数据收罗 。
1.Managing, measuring and collecting data from the entire energy system.

2.监控显示各设备状态情况 。
2. Monitoring and displaying the status of each equipment.

3.提供各单位机组信息及历史数据盘问功效 。
3. Offering inquiry function for searching information and historical data of each unit.

4.集成自动加油系统,实时监测各单位机组的油箱油量情况 。
4. Integrated automatic refueling system, which can monitor the oil quantity of tank of each unit in real-time.

5.监控显示各单位机组的运行参数、配电系统的报警及故障情况 。
5.Monitoring and displaying the operating parameters of each unit, the alarm and fault conditions of the power distribution system.

6.开放外部通讯接口,可实现云系统、SCADA系统和动环监控系统等的兼容 。
6.Opening external communication interface can realize the compatibility of cloud system, SCADA system and mobile ring monitoring system.


Distributed Energy Sources

     漫衍式能源是指通过冷热电三联供等方法实现能源的梯级利用,综合能源利用效率在70%以上,并在负荷中心就近实现能源供应的现代能源供应方法 。
Distributed energy sources mean a supply method of modern energy sources to realize gradient utilization of energy sources through methods such as combined supply of cooling, heating and power with the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of above 70% and to realize energy supply near the load center.

通过优质产品赢得客户认可,是公司矢志不渝的追求,是sa36沙龙国际生长战略的出发点和落脚点 。智造产品背后是企业科技立异体系的构建和连续的投入,sa36沙龙国际公司始终坚持较高的研发投入水平,不绝地突破技术瓶颈实现产品升级 。
To win clients’ recognition with high-quality products is the Company’s persistent pursuit and the starting point and the foothold of Saonon’s development strategy. Behind wisdom products are the construction and continuous investment of enterprise science and technology innovation system. Saonon Corporation has always kept relatively high investment level of research and development, constantly broken through technical bottlenecks and realized product upgrading.

近年来,陪同着国家“一带一路”战略,sa36沙龙国际通过外洋渠道与效劳建设,积极结构外洋市场,推动中国智造走向世界,着力提升中国智造全球影响力 。
In recent years, along with the national strategy of “the Belt and Road”, Saonon has positively laid out overseas market, drove Wisdom Creation in China to go global and put forth effort to promote the global influence of Wisdom Creation in China through overseas channels and service construction.





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